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Sara GABRIELS – Light from the Open Hart


Sara Gabriels, GMPSA, EFIAP/b, Belgium

Sara Gabriëls bought her first DSLR in 2016 and immediately enrolled in an entry-level photography course.

The start of an amazing adventure.

By the end of 2017, she decided to try her luck in the international photography competitions.

She wanted to find out if she had a place in the amateur photography world.

A short overview:

  • 2018: PPSA  AFIAP 
  • 2019: AFIAP – PPSA  
  • 2020: EFIAP – MPSA 
  • 2021: MPSA2 – Belgium photography champion
  • 2021: EFIAP/b
  • 2022: GMPSA

In six years she won many – national as well as international – titles, medals, awards, trophies and several blue badges. One of the highlights happened in 2021 when she earned the title of Belgium Champion Photography.

Sara’s first love is a night photography. However today she equally finds pleasure in portrait photography, street photography and macro as well. She is driven and doesn’t rest once she sets her mind to it. 

Sara operates from the heart. 

Her images don’t need further explanation.

The image is the story brought with honesty, purity, and openness that is so typical for this photographer. 
Every image must connect with the photographer before being published. Without this “seal of approval”, the image holds no value for Sara and doesn’t get to see “the light of day”.

However, every photograph says more than 1000 words.

We suggest you to dive into the Sara’s inner world, feel the trembling tingle of every colour, shade, or shape, originating directly from her hart.


Jacky’s photo passion amazing X-factor

Jacky Panhuyzen, EFIAP/g – GMPSA

Living in Belgium, I always have been interested in photography, but it never happened due to other interests until my retirement.

Then I started taking classes and in 2010. I started to photograph, joined a local photo club, and also participate in National and International photo competitions.

It all started as a hobby but soon it became a passion until today with especially Nature (Macro), Land & Cityscape, Architecture, Streetlife, and Travel photography where I try to photograph people in their daily activities.

Every year (without Corona) I try to make 1 or 2 long journeys, usually to South-East Asia; Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, and my absolute preference is Incredible India because it is so special with a very colorful population and for a photographer a top location. 

My photo material consists of:

Canon 7D + Canon 5DIII + Canon R6
Canon Lenses 17-40, 24-105, 70-200, 100-400 and Sigma Macro 150 mm
I use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and NIK software for post-processing.

If you like to enjoy the Jacky’s inner photo artistic impressions, please take a look in the outstanding and remarkable photo gallery here:

Ole Suzskiewicz – Pure Magic

Ole Suszkiewicz


Hon.M.KTFIS in Poland, Arnica del CFR in Italy, FPSG in Pakistan, S.E.HKCPAC in Hong Kong, SAWIE P in the USA, Hon.FPSBP in Malaysia, Hon.PESG.SPC in Cypern, Hon.FtG M in Serbia, Hon.CPE and A.CPE in Romania, GAPS in Bangladesh.

He started sending out to competitions ca. 40 years ago and has obtained more than 7.000 acceptances, ca. 1.300 medals, and more than 1.000 other awards.

He is a self-taught photographer.

He started with sandwich slides and uses almost the same technique in his digital images. He prefers experimental pictures, where he can create his own reality.

He is a member of The Danish Society of Photography (SDF) in Denmark, where he has the 2 highest titles: Hon.MSDF and MSDF/Platin.

He is a member of Stella Polaris Photo Group in Scandinavia and has here the tide NSMiF/Gold.

We tried to convey in words what Ole’s photos tell us.
We failed.
It is completely understandable why.
That’s not possible.

It is only possible to look, feel, enjoy the energy that these images carry and selflessly pass it on to the observer.

“The art of a magician is to create wonder.
If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy. “

Doug Henning

Enjoy the Pure Magic of Ole Suszkiewicz

Discover Barbara Schmidt Photo Story

Barbara Schmidt


“You are your own limit, rise above it.” (Hafis)

Born and living in the Ruhr area, Germany. She graduated in administrative sciences and retired in September 2015, after more than 40 years as a civil servant. Barbara and her Fuji XT 2 have been on the road since May 2014. She learned all by try and error, with a lot of love.  The motifs are varied because everything that arouses their interest is photographed! She doesn’t go out with the intention of bringing a certain picture with her but goes to places, where she wants to be and expects what may come there. This brings special and very successful images.

Since the 1st acceptance 21.03.2016 at German International DVF-Photocup more than 5000 acceptances with over 500 awards have been given.

Photographic focal points:  Architecture, Landscape, Long exposure, People, Nature, Travel, Street, Animals, Competitions

Member of the DVF – Deutscher  Verband für  Fotografie e.V.: State Photography Champion NRW 2016, Vice-Champion NRW 2017, Third Photography Champion NRW 2018 and 2019. Third place North-German Photography Champion 2018, Silver Medal 2019, Gold Medal 2020. Third best Photographer North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 2017 and 2018, 2nd in 2019. Since 2015 many certificates and medals, including the DVF Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Gold. Photographer of the month in the journal PHOTOGRAPHIE 04 | 2017

Barbara has extensive experience as a national and international judge.

Look and enjoy Barbara’s photo gallery:

Master of photography art Radisav Filipovic – Always Possible

Uvek moguće“ je jedinstvena dvojezična publikacija sačinjena od kolekcije sa 50 umetničkih fotografija Radisava Filipovića, majstora fotografije Foto saveza Srbije i člana ULUPUDS-a, rađenih na filmu i foto-papiru, koje prate autorski tekstovi i impresije književnika i književnog esejiste Saše Hadži Tančića. Ovu knjigu je izdala Narodna biblioteka „Radoje Domanović“ iz Leskovca uz podršku Ministarstva kulture i informisanja i grada Leskovca.

U predgovoru knjige, književnik Dejan Đorđević je napisao: „Pokret i izraz, obris i senka, sami su po sebi kolorit koji navodi posmatrača da u svojoj glavi analizira i projektuje, dok ne smesti lik ili predmet u svojoj priči. Fotografije Radisava Filipovića dale su emociji oblik, a to je i navelo književnika Sašu Hadži Tančića da o većini fotografija napiše priče koje se nalaze u ovoj knjizi“.

O autoru fotografija

Radisav Filipović, MF FSS, ULUPUDS, je rođen 1952. godine u Leskovcu. Fotografijom počinje da se bavi u petom razredu osnovne škole i do danas je učestvovao na više od 120 umetničkih izložbi fotografija i osvojio tridesetak nagrada i priznanja. Održao je 4 samostalne izložbe.

Profesionalno se bavi fotografijom od 1979. godine, radio je kao foto-reporter i urednih fotografije u novini „Naša reč“ i snimatelj Televizije Beograd – dopisništva u Leskovcu. Jedan je od autora predstavljenih u monografiji „Biseri srpske fotografije“, kao i u Almanahu Foto saveza Srbije. Predsednik je Foto kluba „Leskovac“ od 2009. godine.

O piscu

Saša Hadži Tančić (1948-2014.), pripovedač, romansijer i književni esejista, član Udruženja književnika Srbije i PEN centra. Objavo je trinaest knjiga i pripovedaka, među njima i tri knjige izabranih proza. Takođe je objavio i četiri romana, deset knjiga književnih ogleda, eseja i studija i tri pesničke knjige, kao i pesničku rukovet. Zastupljen je u više antologija i pregleda savremene srpske književnosti kod nas i u svetu. Nagrađivan.

Tehnički podaci o publikaciji

Tiraž: 300 primerka
Dimenzije: 23×24 cm
Jezik: Srpski i Engleski
Broj strana: 98

Zainteresovani mogu poručiti svoj primerak knjige kod Radisava Filipovića putem telefona 062 225 654.

Sanjoy Bhattacharya – inner world of photographic passion



Bengal Photography Institute, C/41, First Floor, Chalantika, Garia Station Road, Kolkata-700084, West Bengal, India.
Canon EOS Mentor

Former Teacher-in-Charge
Department of Photography
Future Foundation School, Kolkata, India.

Sanjoy Bhattacharya was born and brought up in the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata from the State of West Bengal, India. After completing his post-graduation in Zoology from Presidency College, Kolkata in the year 1996 he has started his photographic journey getting inspiration from his maternal uncle who was a press photographer by his profession.  Simultaneously he has started studying Art-Photography from various personalities in this field. He worked as a wedding photographer, model photographer, advertisement photographer, and product photographer individually from 2001 to 2004. He has started teaching photography at various organizations from 2004 to 2010. He has conducted various seminars and workshops on photography with various organizations like Nikon India, Sony India, etc. from 2006 to 2012.

  • Mr. Bhattacharya has won more than 150 awards in photography competitions Nationally and Internationally from 2005 to till date. His photographic works have been exhibited throughout India and more than 50 countries all over the world.
  • He is the Fourth Indian whose work has been exhibited in the “Information & Cultural Department”, Govt. of the Republic of China in 2010.
  • He has achieved 2nd position in a very prestigious photography competition in support of “Peace” that was organized by the Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Govt. of Greece in 2012.
  • A Photo-Series titled “Life-A Journey” created by Mr. Bhattacharya has been selected and displayed as an archival value under the “Modern Art” category in the most prestigious Art-Museum of the nation “Indian Numismatic historical and cultural research foundation” Mumbai for study and research purpose to scholars in this field.
  • He has received the prestigious distinction of AFIP (Associate of Federation of Indian Photography) and FFIP (Fellow of Federation of Indian Photography) in 2011 and 2014 respectively from Federation of Indian Photography.
  • He is the most prestigious Honour holder as AFIAP (Artist of Federation of International Art Photography) and EFIAP (Excellence of Federation of International Art Photography ) from FIAP, Rome (Italy) in the category of Art-Photography.
  • In 2020, he has achieved the most coveted Honour LRPS from Royal Photographic Society, Bristol. He is the only 6th Indian who has this Honour.
  • Global Photographic Union, Greece has given him GPU Crown Honour for his outstanding work and contribution in the field of Art-Photography in 2016.
  • He is also the National Representative of GPU in India.

Presently Mr. Bhattacharya is running his own institute named BENGAL PHOTOGRAPHY INSTITUTE in Kolkata from 2011 and teaches various specialties and aspects of photography. Presently the Institute has more than 500 students in various standards from almost every corner of the society. Among them, almost 40 students are working professionally in the field of photography in various fields. Many students are actively involved in various photographic activities under him and also participating in many Salons and contests. Mr. Bhattacharya is conducting many workshops, seminars, and other educational activities to promote photography among general masses throughout the year.

He is celebrating World Photography Day on 19th August every year since 2010 by promoting photography through exhibitions and seminars. He is arranging a photography exhibition of works of his students under the name “LENSVISION” every year in January on the foundation day of his Institute since 2012. Mr. Bhattacharya is a very prominent name in the field of photography judging also since 2015. He has completed his 50th Judging very recently. He has judged almost 30 National Salons and 20 International salons to date.

He is also the Teacher-in-Charge of the Department of Photography, Future Foundation School, Kolkata. He teaches photography there from Grade 2 (7 years) to Grade 10 (15 years). It is a very challenging job for him to teach such young buds in photography. The students of this school have won many awards in photography under his guidance. He is working as an advisor of Photography as co-curricular activities in different schools and colleges in Kolkata.

We have a great honor to have Prof. Sanjoy Bhattacharya in our Jury Team at the beginning of February 2021, judging 5th International Contest Unlimited Photo 2021.

Take a look and enjoy at his photo gallery:

Adela Lia Rusu – visual life stories

Adela Lia RusuAdela Lia Rusu, EFIAP/g, PPSA, Aphrodite GPU, Crown** GPU

For me, photography has become a way of life, I imagine frames, I like to create visual stories come alive in my images.

I like the color in the picture, moods, attitudes romantic beauty, and joy.

Also, I like to surprise street stories and feelings.

My favorite genres in photography are portrait, fashion photography, photo essay, and ethnographic photography.




Adela’s art photographic achievements

2011 – Member of the Association of Art Photographers from Romania, awarded in 2017 with E.AAFR

2012 – Artist of the Federation International de L’Art Photographique, AFIAP

2013- Member of Photographic Society of America

2016 – Lector of photography at Varadinum Photo School Oradea Romania

2017 – Vicepresident of Varadinum Photo Club Oradea Romania

2017- Excellence/bronze of the Federation International de L’Art Photographique, EFIAP/b

2018 – Member of Global Photographic Union

2018 – Title  ,,Aphrodite” and Crown** of Global Photographic Union

2019 – Excellence/gold of the Federation International de L’art Photographique, EFIAP/g

2020 – Title PPSA – Proficiency of Photographic Society of America

Master of the University Oradea, Faculty of Arts, Painting-Multimedia Section 2018
CNFPA authorized trainer code COR / CN 242401
Evaluator in the system of continuous professional training code COR 242411
Over 300 prizes at National and International Salons in more than 40 countries
Over 80 personal and group exhibitions.
Over 1000 photos were accepted at National and International Salons
Participated in many workshops and photo camps.

Take a look and enjoy Adela’s photos:

PSA Photo Travel Division – guide for judges and chairs

This guide should be reviewed by the exhibition chair, the PT section chair and the PT judges before any judging.

Purpose of the Photo Travel Definition

The PSA Photo Travel Division (PTD) is reality-based, like the PSA Photojournalism and Nature Divisions. The objective of PSA Photo Travel is to show the world as it is found naturally. The purpose of the PT Definition is to guide PT photographers towards making images that show how our world really is, rather than to arrange it and to manipulate images to obtain the “best” photographs. The PT Definition is also a guide for exhibition judges to ensure that images that violate the definition are not accepted.

Below are the individual sections of the PT Definition, illustrated with examples.

A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographic limitations.







In the case of landscapes or buildings, it is not necessary to know “where the place is.” The image only needs to have identifiable features so that the place can be recognized by someone visiting it.




Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not appropriate.



The photo below photo confirms that the picture of the boys throwing water is a “setup.”






This is not the normal behavior of these fishermen. It’s a “setup” for photographers.
Setups can be identified when many images of the same or similar scenes are submitted to exhibitions, or when they depict unnatural actions or behavior by the people shown in the photo.

Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the environment.



The purpose of this requirement is to eliminate photographs that could have been taken in a studio instead of the natural environment of the person(s) shown in the photograph.
Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted.





Image manipulation by removing, moving or adding objects is often difficult to spot and to prove. When judges suspect a violation that should be investigated.
The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene, and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.







Oversaturated, overly sharpened and other images with unnatural artifacts, such as halos or strong vignetting, should be given lower scores in judging. Extreme fish-eye images that are distorted do not appear natural.

Entire PT Definition:

A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographic limitations. Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not appropriate. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the environment. Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene, and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.

Additional information: Nadia Filiagi, EPSA, standard director FPD,

Author: Thomas Tauber, APSA, EPSA
Assistant: Lynn Troy Maniscalco, Hon FPSA, EPSA
With the contribution, approval, and distribution of FP Division

Jongxin Peng – Black & White Zen Magic

Jiongxin Peng
Jiongxin Peng

Mr. Jiongxin Peng, PPSA, AFAPA, FPSNY  is focused here on black and white photography. Of course, color photography can be wonderful, and we enjoy looking at color images, but – we see in color, and do not wish constantly to create images as we already see them.

Well, the photography for Jiongxin is Zen in the very sense of that word. It has become a part of his nature.

All about his black & white images is outstanding – the scenery he chooses, the way he’s focusing the subject, every detail is brought to perfection.

What is the main impression when we look at Jiongxin’s photos? We will keep it simple and say: silence

The beautiful silence, the silence of solitude, the solitude of silence. There is a curious silence that resides in the folds of noise that surrounds us. One cannot, of course, hear it. But Jingoxin manages to feel and photograph it, making it possible for the rest of us to even see it.

We believe that Jiongxin is the one who is moved emotionally (and even spiritually) by photography. We live in a world of over-saturated by imagery. Billions of photographs are brought into existence every day. It is utterly and entirely overwhelming. Sometimes, one encounters an image that clutches at the throat and makes the heartbeat a little faster.

Look at the Jongxin achievements and memberships:


New Zealand Photographic Art Academy Chairman
Photographic Society of America PPSA
Photographic Society of New Zealand Member
Photographic Society of New York FPSNY
China Art Photographers Association Director
Australian International Institute of Photography Professor
Federation of Oceania Photographic Art Vice Chairman
China Photographers Association Vice-Chairman


2017 5th Chinese Art Photography Golden Horse Award
2018 1st Chinese Photography Jinhua Award
2018 Asia-Pacific Photographic Art Golden Eagle Award
2018 1st Hongkong International Cup Top 100 Photographers Gold Award
2018 2nd Place in the “Top 10 Chinese Photographers in the World” Landscape Section
2019 7th Chinese Art Photography Lifelong Achievement Award
2019 1st Hong Kong “Top 10 International Photographers”
2018 9th Hong Kong International Photographic Art Exhibition Judge
2019 “Painting in Spring” International Photography Competition Best Judge
2019 2nd Hongkong International Cup Top 100 Photographers Competition Judge
2018 Auckland Photographic Competition Supreme Winner & Most Popular
2017, 2018 & 2019 New Zealand Royal Art Show 1st Place; Supreme Champion Photography in Show & Most Successful Photographer of Show in 2019

Around 400 works 1500 times accepted in international photographic salons and competitions, including almost 120 Gold, Silver, & Bronze Metals and Honored Mentions

The images we are looking at now manage to stand out from billions and billions of others. Enjoy the gallery!

Photo Safari Uvac 2019 by Serbia PHOTO Association

From 26.4. to 30.4. 2019, Serbia PHOTO Association organized Photo meeting – Photo Safari Uvac 2019.

Photo Safari was planned as controlled photo shooting in the company of photo-friends.

The photo prefix is there to refine the name of the whole action – to give it an exotic note, which means that each had at least one camera to carry.
Due to circumstances, the whole venture is meticulously documented – we will show something here for you, and you will surely have some of the photos to see at the upcoming Salons and Exhibitions worldwide.

The safari lasted for 5 days, so let’s get started:

Day 1st
The meeting place with participants from Bor, Belgrade, Macedonia, and Romania was in the Sejnica – Hotel Vanilla.
On the first night, the Jury Team of Ovi D. Pop, Borislav Milovanovic, Zoran Stojiljkovic and Nenad Nikolic (chairman Ljiljana Vrzic) presented awards for the 4th International Salon Reflection and 3rd International Contest Painting Light (Unlimited Photo, MN).

All together
All together

Day 2nd
After breakfast, we visited the Pester Plateau, Trajan’s Hill, and the other beautiful places around. Lunch is organized near the beutiful water spring. Nature is different there – outstanding and wild – the summer comes late, and due to the strong winds, the whole area is covered almost by low grass and with some hawthorn bushes. Temperatures of a pleasant 20 degrees, in the sun or in the shade of the hills. The gentle lines of the Pester Plateau have repeated with almost mathematical regularity and the sky was full of stocky clouds – an inexhaustible source of motive for the curious photographers.

© Aleksandar Grbovic, Pester Plateau
© Aleksandar Grbovic, Pester Plateau

Day 3rd
Serbian Colorado of river Uvac viewed from two vantage points and griffon vultures! Every other comment is absolutely unnecessary.
We don’t know exactly what caused the fascination of the vultures with a group of 12 photographers, but at some point, they flew so low that a very, very decent photo of the vultures in a rush could be taken almost with a 300mm lens.

© Frosina Bozinovska, Uvac river
© Frosina Bozinovska, Uvac river

Day 4th
Beautiful landscapes of Jadovnik mountain and other places around was pretty enough of the motives for nature and landscape photography as well. Wandering at the hill-sides of Jadovnik with camera fully prepared – what more could we possibly want in the early spring, surrounded by fresh untouched nature.

© Ljiljana Vrzic, Jadovnik
© Ljiljana Vrzic, Jadovnik

Day 5th
Sopotnica waterfalls are one of the most impressive in Serbia. We were fortunate to visit them after the rainy season when they were full of water. Long exposure, an ND filter and a good angle as well – all we needed to photograph them in their full glory. We were well aware of the photographic temptation of what to keep in the frame and what to leave out, because they are quite large. A fun puzzle game for any lover of nature and photography.

Monastery of Mileševa – unreal beauty, with the White Angel fresco painting – considered one of the most beautiful works of Serbian and European art from the high middle ages, this fresco is considered to be one of the great achievements in European painting.

© Aleksandar Grbovic, Sopotnica waterfalls
© Aleksandar Grbovic, Sopotnica waterfalls

Until next time (and there will certainly be), we warmly welcome you!