Ole Suzskiewicz – Pure Magic

Ole Suszkiewicz


Hon.M.KTFIS in Poland, Arnica del CFR in Italy, FPSG in Pakistan, S.E.HKCPAC in Hong Kong, SAWIE P in the USA, Hon.FPSBP in Malaysia, Hon.PESG.SPC in Cypern, Hon.FtG M in Serbia, Hon.CPE and A.CPE in Romania, GAPS in Bangladesh.

He started sending out to competitions ca. 40 years ago and has obtained more than 7.000 acceptances, ca. 1.300 medals, and more than 1.000 other awards.

He is a self-taught photographer.

He started with sandwich slides and uses almost the same technique in his digital images. He prefers experimental pictures, where he can create his own reality.

He is a member of The Danish Society of Photography (SDF) in Denmark, where he has the 2 highest titles: Hon.MSDF and MSDF/Platin.

He is a member of Stella Polaris Photo Group in Scandinavia and has here the tide NSMiF/Gold.

We tried to convey in words what Ole’s photos tell us.
We failed.
It is completely understandable why.
That’s not possible.

It is only possible to look, feel, enjoy the energy that these images carry and selflessly pass it on to the observer.

“The art of a magician is to create wonder.
If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy. “

Doug Henning

Enjoy the Pure Magic of Ole Suszkiewicz