Daniel De Cort – the photo art passion

Mr. Daniel De Cort

Born in a vivid student city, Leuven (Belgium) where photography was an activity practiced lively in the family.

Very early I became a member of a photo association and later I developed my artistic skills at the SLAC (Academy of Fine Arts).

My interest in photography always is very broad: underwater photography, studio and drone photography. Now I focus me especially on travel photography and street photography.

Street photography or Urban Life is the public space that became my main photographic subject. In this space, I am searching for the human influence on the environment. I observe and shoot whatever strikes me as special, different or humorous in everyday life, thereby not losing my sense for aesthetics. I frame my photos carefully and show a minimum of details.

Jacques Tati’s saying: “Life is funnier than any joke ever invented” inspires me. Of the German photographer Harald Mante I have learned how to frame my pictures tightly.

During my travels, I like to take pictures as a reminder of the places visited, but I always try to use my own point of view. 

My photos have been accepted at various photo competitions worldwide. 

I am also a member of the jury on different photo exhibitions.

Shortly after the foundation of Global Photographic Union (GPU) I became an active member and since 2020 I am also a board member and treasurer. GPU is formed for those photographers who wish to take part in a truly international organization, where photographic art allows and encourages cultural exchange.

Every genre of photography is encouraged by GPU and equally valued. By this, we mean that all the aspects of photography can be found within GPU and based on comradeship and mutual.

Take a look at his beautiful artistic photographs and immerse yourself in a world of reality and imagination: