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Jongxin Peng – Black & White Zen Magic

Jiongxin Peng
Jiongxin Peng

Mr. Jiongxin Peng, PPSA, AFAPA, FPSNY  is focused here on black and white photography. Of course, color photography can be wonderful, and we enjoy looking at color images, but – we see in color, and do not wish constantly to create images as we already see them.

Well, the photography for Jiongxin is Zen in the very sense of that word. It has become a part of his nature.

All about his black & white images is outstanding – the scenery he chooses, the way he’s focusing the subject, every detail is brought to perfection.

What is the main impression when we look at Jiongxin’s photos? We will keep it simple and say: silence

The beautiful silence, the silence of solitude, the solitude of silence. There is a curious silence that resides in the folds of noise that surrounds us. One cannot, of course, hear it. But Jingoxin manages to feel and photograph it, making it possible for the rest of us to even see it.

We believe that Jiongxin is the one who is moved emotionally (and even spiritually) by photography. We live in a world of over-saturated by imagery. Billions of photographs are brought into existence every day. It is utterly and entirely overwhelming. Sometimes, one encounters an image that clutches at the throat and makes the heartbeat a little faster.

Look at the Jongxin achievements and memberships:


New Zealand Photographic Art Academy Chairman
Photographic Society of America PPSA
Photographic Society of New Zealand Member
Photographic Society of New York FPSNY
China Art Photographers Association Director
Australian International Institute of Photography Professor
Federation of Oceania Photographic Art Vice Chairman
China Photographers Association Vice-Chairman


2017 5th Chinese Art Photography Golden Horse Award
2018 1st Chinese Photography Jinhua Award
2018 Asia-Pacific Photographic Art Golden Eagle Award
2018 1st Hongkong International Cup Top 100 Photographers Gold Award
2018 2nd Place in the “Top 10 Chinese Photographers in the World” Landscape Section
2019 7th Chinese Art Photography Lifelong Achievement Award
2019 1st Hong Kong “Top 10 International Photographers”
2018 9th Hong Kong International Photographic Art Exhibition Judge
2019 “Painting in Spring” International Photography Competition Best Judge
2019 2nd Hongkong International Cup Top 100 Photographers Competition Judge
2018 Auckland Photographic Competition Supreme Winner & Most Popular
2017, 2018 & 2019 New Zealand Royal Art Show 1st Place; Supreme Champion Photography in Show & Most Successful Photographer of Show in 2019

Around 400 works 1500 times accepted in international photographic salons and competitions, including almost 120 Gold, Silver, & Bronze Metals and Honored Mentions

The images we are looking at now manage to stand out from billions and billions of others. Enjoy the gallery!

Photo Safari Uvac 2019 by Serbia PHOTO Association

From 26.4. to 30.4. 2019, Serbia PHOTO Association organized Photo meeting – Photo Safari Uvac 2019.

Photo Safari was planned as controlled photo shooting in the company of photo-friends.

The photo prefix is there to refine the name of the whole action – to give it an exotic note, which means that each had at least one camera to carry.
Due to circumstances, the whole venture is meticulously documented – we will show something here for you, and you will surely have some of the photos to see at the upcoming Salons and Exhibitions worldwide.

The safari lasted for 5 days, so let’s get started:

Day 1st
The meeting place with participants from Bor, Belgrade, Macedonia, and Romania was in the Sejnica – Hotel Vanilla.
On the first night, the Jury Team of Ovi D. Pop, Borislav Milovanovic, Zoran Stojiljkovic and Nenad Nikolic (chairman Ljiljana Vrzic) presented awards for the 4th International Salon Reflection and 3rd International Contest Painting Light (Unlimited Photo, MN).

All together
All together

Day 2nd
After breakfast, we visited the Pester Plateau, Trajan’s Hill, and the other beautiful places around. Lunch is organized near the beutiful water spring. Nature is different there – outstanding and wild – the summer comes late, and due to the strong winds, the whole area is covered almost by low grass and with some hawthorn bushes. Temperatures of a pleasant 20 degrees, in the sun or in the shade of the hills. The gentle lines of the Pester Plateau have repeated with almost mathematical regularity and the sky was full of stocky clouds – an inexhaustible source of motive for the curious photographers.

© Aleksandar Grbovic, Pester Plateau
© Aleksandar Grbovic, Pester Plateau

Day 3rd
Serbian Colorado of river Uvac viewed from two vantage points and griffon vultures! Every other comment is absolutely unnecessary.
We don’t know exactly what caused the fascination of the vultures with a group of 12 photographers, but at some point, they flew so low that a very, very decent photo of the vultures in a rush could be taken almost with a 300mm lens.

© Frosina Bozinovska, Uvac river
© Frosina Bozinovska, Uvac river

Day 4th
Beautiful landscapes of Jadovnik mountain and other places around was pretty enough of the motives for nature and landscape photography as well. Wandering at the hill-sides of Jadovnik with camera fully prepared – what more could we possibly want in the early spring, surrounded by fresh untouched nature.

© Ljiljana Vrzic, Jadovnik
© Ljiljana Vrzic, Jadovnik

Day 5th
Sopotnica waterfalls are one of the most impressive in Serbia. We were fortunate to visit them after the rainy season when they were full of water. Long exposure, an ND filter and a good angle as well – all we needed to photograph them in their full glory. We were well aware of the photographic temptation of what to keep in the frame and what to leave out, because they are quite large. A fun puzzle game for any lover of nature and photography.

Monastery of Mileševa – unreal beauty, with the White Angel fresco painting – considered one of the most beautiful works of Serbian and European art from the high middle ages, this fresco is considered to be one of the great achievements in European painting.

© Aleksandar Grbovic, Sopotnica waterfalls
© Aleksandar Grbovic, Sopotnica waterfalls

Until next time (and there will certainly be), we warmly welcome you!

Md. Tanveer Hassan Rohan – sensibility of an untold story

Md. Tanveer Hassan Rohan was born and brought up in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

He is confident and dedicated photographer with nearly 6 years of experience in different categories of photography. As a photographer, his essential aim is to capture the moments of life and give them significance by making them static in time.

He loves to travel and be in different places, meet new people, and enjoy the experience that photography offers, which is to capture Earth’s beautiful and awe-inspiring moments.

He believes – Photography is a strong medium to express the emotions and tell the untold story. 

He has finished his Basic Photography course From Prism.

He has taken part in many National and International Photography contest and till now he has won many national and more than 400 international photography awards.

  • The first Bangladeshi Photographer who won Back to Back National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest ( 2017 & 2018).
  • Jury’s choice award in Lens Culture-Magnum Photography Awards 2017,
  • 2 awards ( 1st Prize in Street and Wild Life categories ) from Toshiba ExceLENS Awards 2019
  • 1st prize in Sports Category from Balkan Photo Awards 2016.
  • 1st prize in Sony World Photography Awards 2016, National Award
  • 2nd Prize in Photojournalism category from Xposure International Photography Competition 2016,
  • 2 awards ( 1st Prize in Reportage and 2nd Prize in People Category) from VOUBS International Photography awards 2016.

  • Grand Winner in “Photo for Tolerance +” International Youth Photography Contest 2015.
  • Two time winner of The Prix de la Photographie, Paris Px3 awards
  • Three times  Moscow International Foto Awards
  • Two times Life Press Photo awards
  • Two times Tokyo International Foto Awards
  • Three times in SIENA International Photography Awards
  • Three times in International Photography Awards – IPA
  • Honorable mention in International Photographer Of The Year 2016

and many more prestigious photography awards.

It is with utmost diligent and inspiration that he is willing to carry on this passion throughout his life.

Enjoy the outstanding gallery of images:

Serbian Colorado & Tibet Plateau – life changing experience!

What if we tell you there is a place in Europe where the geography of Colorado Canyon and Tibet Plateau lie next to each other? It’s in Serbia, and people here know it as The Canyon of the river Uvac and Pester Plateau.

Humans barely inhabit this unforgiving land – the elements are harsh (how -39°C sounds to you?). The breathtaking beauty of nature lasts from May to October, and it quickly gets replaced by cold winter that cuts out people living on the plateau for at least six months. During the warm months, the temperatures vary between 10°C and 25°C.

Serbian Colorado – The Canyon of the Uvac River

© Sasa Pokimica, Uvac River and Eagle

© Sasa Pokimica, Uvac River and Eagle

Protected as a Special Nature Reserves, the Canyon of River Uvac is one of the most beautiful locations in the country with distinctive geography and wildlife. Due to a karst topography the river carved its way deep into the mountains- water flow through soluble rocks and time resulted in 8 magnificent meanders crammed one after another visible from various viewpoints. The surreal color of the water- greenish to bluish (depending of the light) is another distinctive characteristic of the river.

Apart from viewing the scape from 250 – 300 meters high cliffs, you will get a chance to enjoy a 4 – 5 hours long boat ride through entire Canyon. Right in the middle of the journey, somewhere between 3rd and 4th meander, lies Icy Cave. It belongs to a system of canals of the total length of 6.185 meters (the entire length of explored canals that is). Hundreds of thousands of years, karst topography and water drops-one by one, did its magic- stalactites and stalagmites in the cave are breathtaking.

Morning mist, cattle, and horses scattered across hills give a unique charm to the scape.

Bird and wildlife lovers, we have some good news for you!

© Griffon vulture, Pierre Dalous

© Griffon vulture, Pierre Dalous

The famous inhabitants of the area are Griffon vultures. The colony that only 20 years ago counted less than 50 birds is now slowly recovering and reclaiming the territory thanks to combined efforts of locals and the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The birds are seen mainly in flocks. Except for vultures, there are 104 more bird species around, out which 9 are protected as endangered.

The number of insect, bird, snail, and herb species distinctive for the Pester plateau and the Canyon of the river Uvac increases year after year. Biodiversity of the area is still unexplored- the Republic of Serbia is putting tremendous efforts into mapping it.

The history of this place is vibrant and alive – you can see and touch it, although not many lefts to tell

© Ticije polje by: Touristic potential Prijepolje

© Ticije polje by: Touristic potential Prijepolje

Living there is not a matter of choice – it’s a destiny. The land claims your soul in return for life – as simple as that! Those who live on the route of our trip wonder why younger generations leave- those who visit the land wonder why would anyone live in such a harsh environment. As the endangered population of vultures slowly recovers, the human population gradually diminishes in the area.

On the route of our trip are the magnificent waterfalls of the river Sopotnica at the nearby mountain Jadovnik and a unique time capsule – a village Ticije Polje (The field of birds in literate translation), untouched by the hand of modern civilization.

From photographers for photographers.

Come and join us!

By: Aleksandar Grbovic

Pedro Luis – the moments of artistic truth


Pedro Luis Saiz Ajuriaguerra (Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain, 1974). self-taught photographer, began his career back in 2011 discovering a passion that was unknown, the beginning do little more than encourage their concerns are increasing making try almost all disciplines of photography, highlighting mainly in sports photography, and architectural photography.

It has the distinctions MCEF / p (Silver Master of the Spanish Confederation of Photography) and EFIAP / s ( Silver Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art).

In the Who’s Who of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) in the Top 3 Photojournalism Category 2017 and in the Top 4 2016, in Top 2 2015.

ICS Country Representative for Spain

He is currently collaborating with magazines such as BAO Bilbao Magazine, Bilbao Tourism, Bilbao Bizkaia Tour Magazine and for different sports promoters such as MGZ Promotions, Euskobox etc.

pedro nagrada


International Awards

He has participated in numerous International competition and has managed numerous medals of FIAP, PSA, GPU, IUP, DPA, UPI, CVB, ISF, PCA (50 FIAP Gold Medals and around 60 PSA Gold Medals), just over 400 awards and more than 3000 acceptances by various international photographic salons in the last years.

Most relevant International Awards

  • Grandprize 1st place Cities Category Malta Photography Awards 2018 MALTA
  • 1st place in the Sports category Pangea Gold Trophy, and the Remarkable Sports Award in the Siena Photography Awards 2018- ITALY.
  • 1st Place category architecture URBAN Photo Awards 2018 Trieste 2018- ITALY.
  • 3rd Place Professional Category Extreme Sports and Honorable mention Architecture Other, IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2018 CALIFORNIA USA.
  • Honorable Mention Photojournalism The Yellow Awards 2018 (Photographic talent awards) Madrid SPAIN.
  • 1st Place in Category of Urban landscapes in the contest 35awards International Photography Awards 2018 RUSSIA.
  • Best Author of the Zaffiri Gran Prix Contest FIAP Blue Pin ITALY 2018.
  • Finalist photographs in TPS AWARDS 2018 Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.
  • 2nd Place and 3rd Place Professional Category Field Sports IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2017 CALIFORNIA USA.
  • 3rd Editorial Place: Sports and 3rd Place Sports Water Sports and 10 Honorable Mentions IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2016 CALIFORNIA USA.
  • 2nd Place and 3rd Place Non-professional category Sports and Other IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2015CALIFORNIA USA.
  • Sport Photographer of the Year 2017 IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™–SPAIN 2017.
  • 2 Photographs awarded in the two categories Sports and Photos of Sport Films 4th International Sport Photography Festival (Teheran-IRAN) 2017.
  • IUP Gold Medal PJD 3rd IUP International Photographic Exhibition 2017 – HONG KONG.
  • 2 Photographs Comended in the Sony World Photography adwards 2018 London Motion category, LONDON.
  • 2 Photographs Comended in the Sony World Photography adwards 2017 London Motion category, LONDON.
  • 4 Photographs Comended in the Sony World Photography adwards 2016 Split seconds and general category, LONDON.
  • Best Author of the International Tour Grand Tour delle Colline 2017 ITALY (Grand Tour Trophy).
  • Winner EMEA Region – Europe, Middle East and Africa, CBRE Urban Photographer of the year 2016 NEW YORK USA.
  • 2nd Place Category sports in the PDN Adrenaline Photography Contest 2017, NEW YORK USA.
  • Remarkable Award Sports Category Siena Photography Awards 2017, ITALY.
  • 3rd Place Category Sports Pangea Trophy, and 2 Honorable Mentions in Sports and General at the Siena Photography Awards 2016- ITALY.
  • 5th place winner in the Sports Category Kuwaiti Grand Photograhpy Contest 2016 KUWAIT.
  • FIAP Gold Medal International Photographic Exhibition 1ST IUP HONG KONG.
  • Silver Medal 3th International Profesional Competition of Sport Photograhpy Sporfolio Festival 2016 Narbonne FRANCE.
  • 2nd Place Sports Category  Fotowedstrijd Photocontest 2015 Rotterdam  HOLAND.
  • 1st Place GOLDEN CAMERA (Category Amateur Photo Essay) Kiev 2015 UKRAINE.
  • Finalist HIPA 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum DUBAI.
  • HIPA Histagram Competition winner Architecture December 2016.
  • HIPA Histagram Competition Winner Creativity June 2015 (Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum)  Dubai.

National Awards

He has participated in numerous national competitions highlighting in photographic competitions of sporting, such as:

  • Winner Photography Contest Guille Marti Revillo
  • Winner National Contest Sports Photography Elgoibar
  • Winner KEMEN Photographic Contest,
  • Winner Photographic Contest Sports / Kirol Argazkien Lehiaketa Bergara
  • 2nd Classified , third and fourth in different editions National Sports Photography Contest Valladolid
  • Winner Emtesport Sports Photography Contest,
  • Winner National Photography Competition Felix Ordonez,
  • Winner Photography Competition Espabox Best Photo of Boxing 2015,2017,2018
  • Finalist Photo Nikon 2017
  • Winner category sports III Spanish Photography League 2017-2018, Seventh Classified General category 2018
  • Winner category sports II Spanish Photography League 2016-2017, second classified general category 2017


  • Personal Exhibition with 40 of my photographs at the Museum of the Foprtress in the City of Oradea ROMANIA January-February 2018
  • 12th Yixian Photography Festival. Yixian with serie “Natural World” November 2017
  • 11th Yixian Photography Festival. Yixian CHINA November 2016
  • 4th International Photo Art Exhibitión of World top Photographers (PSBP´S) MALASIA November 2016


Publications in national newspapers of major sports such as MARCA and AS, in addition to publications in general theme newspapers such as El Pais, DEIA, El Correo, Russian RosPhoto, Capture Mania, BAO, Boxing Monthly, etc.


  • Cup of Travel Photo Circuit 2018 Russia PSA 2018-208
  • Vukovar Exhibitión 2018 Croatia PSA 2018-420
  • Trofeo Gipuzkoa Internacional XLVI Spain 2018
  • 4th IUP International Photographic Exhibition 2017 Fengshun Salon China
  • 3rd International Eire Exhibition of Photography 2017 PSA 2017-088
  • 4th International of Photography Bundoran 2017 PSA 2017-244
  • Photo Editor In Snapgle Italy 2018
  • 2th Fotorbit India International India PSA 2019-114 April 2019
  • WINSOM 1st International salon India PSA 2019-110 April 2019

Enjoy the outstanding gallery of images:

Zoran Stojiljkovic – Master of decisive moments in art photography

Zoran Stojiljkovic was born 1956. in Leskovac, Serbia.

He graduated from the College of Business in Belgrade. She has been working in art photography for more than four decades.

He is holding EFIAP and F1 FSS distinctions in art photography. He participated in hundreds of exhibitions in the country and abroad.

For his works he received many awards and compliments. He participated in many events, encounters and competitions of photographers. He held more independent ones exhibitions.

As a member of the jury he participated in many exhibitions in Serbia and all over the world.

Please, look at the small gallery of images and take a part of his inner artistic world, feel and share those decisive moments in artistic photography.

Sanjoy Sengupta – real life through photography passion

Sanjoy Sengupta
Sanjoy Sengupta

Sanjoy Sengupta



Indian photographer living in Muscat, Oman.

Began photographing in late 1990’s, self taught, influenced by the arts community.

A traveler by passion and a Chemical Engineer by profession working in Oil and Gas surface facility design, capturing memories of travelogue since late 90s. Developed skill to photograph people, culture, tradition and architecture, while touring extensively across Europe and South East Asia.


Images are displayed in various photo exhibitions in UK, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nagpur, India and also in Kolkata, India by various photography organizations and clubs. Images are shared by Nikon Middle East and Africa, and various photographic associations in Social Media.

Continuously participating in worldwide photographic competitions (Salons) since 2015 April, for Professional and Amateurs under the patronage of Federation De Photographic Art, Brussels (FIAP), Photographic Society of America, USA (PSA), Image Sans Frontiere, France (ISF), Image Colleague Society, USA (ICS), Global Photographic Union, Italy (GPU), International Union of Photographers (IUP), Master of Light (Canada) etc.

Currently having 5000+ acceptances from 85 different countries organizing Salons under FIAP, PSA, GPU, ICS, IAAP, ISF, MOL patronages, with more than 1000 different Titles and 200+ awards. Awarded pictures are displayed in organizing countries in their photo exhibitions.

Participated in various worldwide photo competitions for amateurs and professionals, some of the achievements are listed below:

– Silver Medal in Architecture category from px3 France, 2016
– Salon Diploma for ‘Camel race’ by Life Press Photo, 2016
– Honorary mentions for ‘Weaver of Vigan’, ‘Road to Eternity’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Camel Race’ in Moscow International Foto Awards, 2016
– Honorary Mention for ‘Camel Race’ in ‘ISA Mostra’, a Photo competition conducted by The Nagpur photo Club, India and judged by Padamsree Sri Raghu Rai, 2016
– Honorary Mention for ‘Teamwork” in a photo competition, organized by Udaan School of photography and World photographers club, 2016 for best candid moments.
– Certificate of Merit for ‘Camel Race’ in SAAP National photo contest, organised by State Photojournalists Association of Andhra Pradesh, India (SPAAP) in Oct, 2016.
– Honorable Mention for ‘The Façade’ under category – Architecture, Buildings in ‘Neutral Density Photography awards, Nov, 2016
– Honorary mentions for ‘Camel Race’ and ‘The Façade’ at Tokyo International Foto Awards, 2016
– Honorable Mention for ‘The Grand Mosque’ at Monochrome Awards 2016, International Black and White photography contest
– Sri P. Seshubabu memorial best sports award with cash prize opf INR 3000/- for ‘Kick Boxing’ at 2nd National Photo Salon, organized by State Photojournalists Association of Andhra Pradesh, India (SPAAP) in Oct, 2017.
– Two Honorable Mentions in Travel/people and in Architecture category in ‘Neutral Density Photography awards, Nov, 2017
– FIAP Best Author at Konya Culture and Tourism Directorate, 11th International Photography Competition, Turkey, Nov, 2017.
– 3rd prize in portrait category in BFPA international Photo contest, Bangladesh, Dec, 2017
– 3rd Prize in Sports and two Honorable mentions in Chromatic International Photo awards 2017.
– Finalist in the Seventh edition of HIPA ‘The Moment’, 2017 in general category.
– 1st Prize in travel section of competition arranged by Andhra Pradesh photo journalism association, Hyderabad, india in 2018.
– 3rd prize in china travel category from China National tourist office in New Delhi in 2019.


  1. “The Winners takes it all”, an article on traditional Bullfighting in Oman was published in ‘Lens Culture’ Magazine, 27th issue, Dec, 2016 (, page 40)
  2. “The world thru my lenses”, my travel story published in ‘Lens Culture’ magazine, issue 24, Sept 2016 (, page 82)
  3. The world thru my lenses, a travel story published by World Photographers club.


  1. 2015, Oct – Awarded distinction Artist-FIP (AFIP) by Federation of Indian Photography, FIP
  2. 2015, Dec– Awarded distinction Artist-PSI (APSI) in Travel Category from Photographic Society of India, PSI
  3. 2016, Feb – Awarded distinction Crown 2 from Global Photographic Union, GPU, Italy
  4. 2016, Mar– Awarded Distinction Aphrodite for portfolio works by Global Photographic Union, GPU, Italy
  5. 2016, April – Awarded distinction Reconnaissance-ISF4 (RISF4) by Image Sans Frontier, ISF, France
  6. 2016, May – Awarded distinction PPSA by Photographic Society of America, PSA
  7. 2016, May – Awarded distinction Artist –ICS (AICS) by The Image Colleague Society, ICS, USA
  8. 2016, May – Awarded distinction Fellow of UPHK (FUPHK) and Associate of UPHK (AUPHK) by United Photographers Hong Kong
  9. 2016, June- Awarded distinction Merite for portfolio works by Image Sans Frontier, ISF, France
  10. 2016, June – Awarded distinction Excellence-FMPA (EFMPA) by Federation Multicultural Photographic Art, FMPA, USA
  11. 2016, June – Awarded distinction Artist-USPA (AUSPA) by United States Photographic Alliance, USPA
  12. 2016, Aug – Awarded Honorary Fellow Swan (HON. FSWAN) by Swan Photo Club International, USA
  13. 2016, Sept – Awarded Honorary Membership to Pascal English School and Greek School Photographic Club (Hon. PESGSPC)
  14. 2016, Oct – Awarded Bronze exhibitor (BEPSS) of The Photographic Society of Singapore.
  15. 2016, Nov – Awarded distinction EPSA by Photographic Society of America, PSA
  16. 2017, Jan – Awarded distinction Fellowship-FIP (FFIP) by Federation of Indian Photography, FIP
  17. 2017, Jan – Awarded Artist FIAP (AFIAP) by Federation international de Photographic Art, France
  18. 2017, Feb – Awarded distinction Crown 3 from Global Photographic Union, GPU, Italy
  19. 2017, March – Awarded distinction Reconnaissance-ISF6 (RISF6) by Image Sans Frontier, ISF, France
  20. 2017, March- Awarded distinction ‘Renowned Exhibitor-Merite (ER-ISF) by Image Sans Frontier, ISF, France
  21. 2017 Apr – Awarded distinction ‘Honorable IUP’ (HIUP) and ‘Elite IUP’ (EIUP) by International Union of Photographers (IUP), China
  22. 2017 Apr – Awarded distinction cMoL* by Master of Light (MOL), Canada.
  23. 2017, June – Awarded distinction BPSA by Photographic Society of America, PSA
  24. 2017 July – Awarded distinction Licentiate of RPS (LRPS) from Royal Photographic Society (RPS), UK
  25. 2017 Oct – Awarded distinction MPSA by Photographic Society of America, PSA
  26. 2018 Jan – Awarded distinction Fellowship – PSI (FPSI) in Travel Category from Photographic Society of India, PSI
  27. 2018, April– Awarded Distinction Hermes for portfolio works by Global Photographic Union, GPU, Italy
  28. 2018, May – Awarded distinction Fellow –ICS (FICS) by The Image Colleague Society, ICS, USA
  29. 2018, June – Awarded distinction Excellence-USPA (EUSPA) by United States Photographic Alliance, USPA
  30. 2018, June – Awarded distinction Master – FMPA (MFMPA) by Federation Multicultural Photographic Art, FMPA, USA
  31. 2018 June – Awarded distinction ‘Master IUP’ (MIUP) by International Union of Photographers (IUP), China
  32. 2018, June – Awarded distinction Reconnaissance-ISF10 (RISF10) by Image Sans Frontier, ISF, France
  33. 2018, July – Awarded distinction Master of UPHK (MUPHK) and Grand Master of UPHK (GMUPHK) by United Photographers Hong Kong
  34. 2018 Sept – Awarded Grand Progress Award by Pascal English School and Greek School Photographic Club (GPA.PESGSPC)
  35. 2018 Dec – Awarded distinction Crown 4 from Global Photographic Union, GPU, Italy
  36. 2018 Dec – Awarded Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) by Federation international de Photographic Art, France
  37. 2019 Jan – Awarded SSS-Blue (SSS/B) by Sille Sanat Sarayi , Turkey
  38. 2019 Jan – Awarded distinction GMPSA by Photographic Society of America, PSA


  1. Member of Photographic Society of America (PSA), USA, since 2015
  2. Member of Image Sans Frontier (ISF) , France since 2015
  3. Member of Royal Photographic Society, London (RPS), UK since 2016
  4. Life member of Photographic Society of Oman (PSO), Oman
  5. Life member of Photographic Society of India (PSI), India
  6. Life member of Federation of Indian Photography (FIP), India, country representative of FIAP
  7. Life member of Image colleague Society (ICS), USA since 2016
  8. Member of Global photographic Union (GPU), Italy since 2016
  9. Member of United photographers, Hong Kong (UPHK), Hong Kong since 2016
  10. Member of United States Photographic Alliance (UPSA), USA since 2016
  11. Member of Federation Multicultural Photographic Art (FMPA), USA since 2016
  12. Member of Photographic society of Singapore, Singapore since 2016
  13. Member of International Union of Photographers (IUP), China since 2017
  14. Member of Master of Light (MOL), Canada since 2017
  15. Member of Sille Sanat Saray (SSS), Turkey since 2017
  16. Life Member of AndhraPradesh State Journalist Society, India, since 2018.

Judging of Photo Salons:

Acting as Judge for various International photo salons under patronage of FIAP, PSA in Color, Mono, Nature, Photo travel and Photo journalism sections.

  1. Histogram Photo Circuit, India (PSA 2017/394, FIAP 2017/531-532-533)
  2. Singur photo festival, India (PSA 2017/397, FIAP 2017/064)
  3. Photo Carnival International salon (PSA 2017/213, FIAP 2017/071)
  4. Sun Shadow 1st International Circuit (PSA 2017/373, ICS 2018/133SP)
  5. Bangladesh Salon, Bangladesh (PSA 2018/485, FIAP 2018/537)
  6. Photon Circuit, Bosnoia and Herzegovina (PSA 2018/485)
  7. 5th  Salon Singdunum 2019 by Serbia PHOTO Association, Serbia


Nikon D4S and D700 DSLR Camera Bodies, with 14-24mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 105mmf2.8, 24mm f2.8, 35mm f2, 50mmf1.4, 200-500mmf5.6 Nikon Lenses, Lucroit Hitech and Singh Ray Filter system, SB910, SB800 and SB700 Speedlite, Manfrotto and Mefoto tripods with Benro Ballhead and Wimberley Gimbal head.


follow me on facebook / instagram : sanjoysengupta

© Sanjoy Sengupta, Muscat, Oman
January, 2019
Enjoy the outstanding gallery of images:

Marcel Van Balken – magical moments of imagination

Marcel van Balken
Marcel van Balken

Marcel van Balken MFIAP EFIAP/d2 MPSA

Marcel van Balken is a self-taught photographer from the Netherlands . As a photographer he is interested in specific themes and conceptual photography.

He believes in working thematically with an absolute preference for surrealistic and creative photography.
Marcel moves as a photographer ideally in the field of surrealism and magic realism.

He prefers to create photographic images inspired by everyday reality combined with his own imagination.

He enjoys to show his images in international Exhibitions and has over 6,000 acceptances in international Photographic Exhibitions, including more than 750 Medals and other awards. His photography has been published all over the world in photo magazines & books, on calendars, on television and the internet.

  • More than 750 awards/prices and 6.000 acceptances
  • More than 500 publications of artwork worldwide
  • More than   75 exhibitions all over the world
  • More than   25 times jury-member of international salons

•    MFIAP (MASTER Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) – 2018
•    MPSA (Master in Photography Photographic Society of America) – 2018
•    EFIAP/d2 (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique DIAMOND) – 2018
•    EFIAP/d1 (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique DIAMOND) – 2017
•    EFIAP/p (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique PLATINUM) – 2014
•    EPSA (Excellence in Photography Photographic Society of America) – 2011
•    EFIAP/g (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique GOLD) – 2009
•    PPSA (Proficiency in Photography Photographic Society of America) – 2008
•    RISF-3 (Reconnaissance level 3) Image sans frontier – 2008
•    EFIAP/s (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique silver) – 2006
•    EFIAP/b (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique bronze) – 2004
•    Honorary Member Fotokring Uithoorn – 1998
•    EFIAP (Excellence Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) – 1997
•    Ehrenloge Deutscher Amateurfotogafen (ELDAF) – 1997
•    AFIAP (Artist Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique) – 1994

  • PSA Liaison Officer Netherlands
  • PSA Country Membership Director Netherlands
  • FIAP Liaison Officer Netherlands

Ovi D Pop – art light experiment

Ovi D Pop

I was born in Oradea on the 9th of April, 1973. I have been a photographer for over 20 years. I prefer portraits, nudes, aerial and street photography.

I had managed to issue six illustrated editions of the Bihor County monography, which contain about 1.000 photographs, illustrating the most representative sites in the county. I also issued six editions of the Travel Guide Book of Bihor County, two editions of the Oradea Mea album, Comitatus Bihoriensys album, many postcards, pocket books, which reflect his photographic activity.

In 2013 my photographic activity took a turn towards artistic photography and I managed to become a EAAFR (The Association of Romanian Artist Photographers) artist and E.FIAP/b artist (Excellence of the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique), managing to obtain 430 prizes (102 gold medals/1st place/trophies, 35 silver medals/2nd place, 39 bronze medals/3rd place, 347 diplomas and honorable mentions) in 43 countries like Andorra, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Cuba, Finland, Sweden, Montenegro, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia and Hertegovina, India, China, Hungary, Dominica, USA, Kosovo, Georgia, Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Macedonia, Egypt, Panama, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Russia, Azerbaidjan and Romania.

I had several individual photography exhibitions in Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Valea lui Mihai, Hajduszoboszlo (Hungary) – 2013, 2014, Bruxelles – 2013, 2014, Cernăuţi (Ukraine), but also group photography exhibitions in Cluj Napoca, Bucharest, Szeged, Budapest, Bratislava, Kosice (Slovakia), Cernăuţi and Ujgorod (Ucraine), Chişinău (Moldavia), Kolkata and in Shenzen (China).

From 2016 I started the first authorized Photo School in Oradea with the authority of the Ministry of Work and the Ministry of Education from Romania.

Look at the photo gallery of his works, the most interesting and very specific way in which he sees the world around him !

Normante Ribokaite – inner world of miracles

Normante Ribokaite, LithuaniaNormante Ribokaite was born in Dusetos, in 1968. The artist is one of the photographers of the Dusetos Art Gallery group (Zarasai Region, Lithuania).

The artist has participated in group shows held both in Lithuania and abroad.

Awarded in the International Photography contests FIAP, PSA, MoL, IAAP, GPU, UPI: at Serbia, Makedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro,Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Japan, India, Tanzania.

  • The gold medal   of   San Francisco International   Exhibition GALLERY   PHOTOGRAPHICA –   2013 (USA).
  • Awarded of the 1st Edition of the Romantic Landscape FIER Institute Initiatives 2013 (Australia).
  • EX ARTE EQUINUS – 2013 Director’s Award (USA).
  • Gold medal at the 71st, 74 st, 76 st Japanese International Photography salon Competition (2011, 2014, 2016 ).
  • The winner of Lithuania wildlife competition “Amber serpent” (2011, 2012, 2013).
  • Awarded at the exhibition-competition „Earth Day“ (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 ) – Utena, Lithuania.
  • A member of Photographic Association Master of Light (cMoL)Was also granted a diploma established by the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers for her works displayed at the exhibition „Horse in Photography“ (2008, 2010 ) – Dusetos Gallery of Art, Lithuania. Since 2009 the artist has been a member of the club of photographers of nature Green Umbrella (Lithuania). Has organised nineteen personal photography exhibitions. Lives and creates in Dusetos ( Zarasai Region, Lithuania).

Moreover, the photographer was granted the Honorary Diploma established by the National Photography Art Foundation for personal shows of artistic photography displayed successfully in Lithuania, in 2000-2006.

Enjoy the Normante deep sensitivity and inner mystery of magic artistic world!