Grand PRIX Award of Serbia PHOTO Salon – Mr Godfrey Wong

Mr. Godfrey Wong
Mr. Godfrey Wong

The winner of Grand PRIX Award for best photography of the Salon Shadow 2016, titled Yacht Race 10, Mr. Godfrey Wong, USA

Godfrey Wong, currently working as a commercial film director in the United States.  Godfrey began his black and white photographic endeavors when he was in middle school. Many rolls of black and white film cemented a love of monochrome photography.

Since he was a teenager, he’s actively participating in international photography exhibitions.  He was a PSA 5-star in PPD Mono division in 1985 and earned more than 6,000 acceptances  and  900 awards from international photographic exhibitions.

He was also the Top Ten of the world in the PSA “Who´s Who” listings in the CPID, EID, Nature, Photojournalism and PPD Division, published in several books and magazines.
The feeling of self-satisfaction that he consistently experience from the creative process is matched by the satisfaction he experienced when delivering his finished product that inspires imagination, pleases the eyes and presents the subject in a light and environment never to be repeated again.  He is an artist, a visual communicator and most of all, a story teller.

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