Repected coleagues photographers

I am addressing you with a request to peek little bit at the misplaced parts of your shelves, browse your old photo bags and other valuable sources of photo equipment. You may find some old camera that you no longer need (whether analog or digital (preferred).

Give these forgotten cameras as a gift to the  children of Leposavic and Strpce on Kosovo, Serbia.

In that way, we will be able to launch a spring elementary photography course with children from primary and secondary schools.

We truly believe it will bring them the endless joy, opening views to another, more beautiful world, the world of magic moments in photography art.

To every donor, we will submit the student’s contact info who is get  the camera from you. Therefore, You will be able to remain in contact with young photographer in the future, to monitor the development and progress in work of each child on Course.

We address this appeal also to the big photo companies such as Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Fuji and others, considering that this population does not representing theirs target group.

But, reconsider that, any donation of  Camera may also help to show the world some new Bresson, Anselm Adams or Peđa Vuckovic.

In return, Serbia FOTO association may provide a place for a banner,  at the highest site traffic moments.

Plese, send the gifts to the following address:
Ljiljana Vrzić

Stanoja Glavaša 13 / 48
11000 Belgrade