The jury concluded its work on the First International Salon Singidunum 2015

First International Salon of Photography  Singidunum 2015, organized by the Serbia PHOTO Belgrade, attracted 329 authors from 55 countries and all continents worlwide.
Jury: Branislav Strugar, Belgrade, Radisav Filipovic, Leskovac and Nenad Nikolic, Belgrade, on 13 and 14 February 2015, reviewed 3363 digital photos and selected for display 1088, as well as 1307 images on paper, and selected to be exposed 444. The regularity of the jury work was under supervising representative of the FSS Bozidar Vitas from Belgrade.
Among the most successful authors of selected photographs jury assigned 144 awards (gold, silver and bronze medals and commendations). Also, with two special awards: GRAND PRIX Salon and Blue badge FIAP, that are assigned to the authors with the best results and most of the received entries.