Patronates and Jury

2015/03              FSS (Photo Associations of Serbia)
2015/019            FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l´Art Photographique)
2015-023            PSA PID – PPD Recognition PSA (Photographic Society of America)
L140081–M3G2S2B              UPI (United Photographers International)

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© Branisalav Strugar
© Branisalav Strugar

Branislav Strugar was born in Belgrade in 1949.
He has been active in photography since 1968. As member of the Elektromašinac Photo Club, he exhibited his photographs in 107 exhibitions and won 40 awards and diplomas.

He holds a title of a Master of Photography of the Yugoslav Association of Photographers.
He started his professional career in 1974.

He is a member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDS) and the Association of Journalists of Serbia. more

© Radisav Filipovic
© Radisav Filipovic

Radisav Filipovic was born in 1952 in Leskovac. Since 1979, professional photographer. Since 1981, he and a cameraman of TV Belgrade - bureau in Leskovac.
Since 2009 she is the President of the Photo Club “Leskovac”. Calling Candidate Masters Photo Association of Serbia has received in 2010, and became Master of photography in 2012. In addition, in 2014 he became a member of the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia (ULUPUDUS). He is member of the Association of Journalists of Serbia. He lives and works in Leskovac, the owner is a graphic - publishing house “Fileks”. She is creative and applied photography

© Nenad Nikolic
© Nenad Nikolic

Nenad Nikolic was born in 1958 in Belgrade, Serbia.

He is a medical doctor by his profession and a photographer engaged since hi was young in early 80s of the last century.
In 2014, he receives the title of F1 FSS and AFIAP.

In particular, he is engaged with architecture, landscape and street photography. He has exhibited in several group exhibitions at home and abroad.

The FSS representative: Bozidar Vitas, KMF FSS, AFIAP  – Belgrade, Serbia