Richard Pilnick – Every face tells a story

Richard Pilnick was born in Nottingham, England in 1981.

Photography is a moment captured, a feeling, an emotion, a silent form of communication and a message to be interpreted and appreciated through many generations. Photography is a medium through which Pilnick can share other peoples’ unspoken messages to the world.

Through photography Pilnick found the ability to break down the material and physical barriers people hide behind, bringing him closer to the souls of this world.

Since photography is Pilnick’s doorway to different cultures and traditions, there is habitually an unspoken bond between him and his subjects. It is as if Pilnick is the medium for their unspoken message, as if the subject has a story to tell and they sense – intuitively — that he will be their silent voice to the world.

Pilnick is noted for the unobtrusive manner with which he relaxes his subjects, invariably imbuing their faces with serene and unperturbed expressions.

 Pilnick lives his life with intention, dedicated to his passion.
 Richard Pilnick’s love of photography has taken him around the world and into the National Portrait Gallery.

Richard Pilnick, photographer and master of the portrait. The power of the portrait is sometimes understated; character vanishes amongst falsified expressions in a frantic attempt to showcase their personalities.

This is where Richard surpasses himself from other photographers in this series of portraits. Using medium and large format photography he attempts to capture a truly serene facade of the subject. Through this, the audience can draw their own conclusions of the person in question. Depicting a story of them in their minds, detonating imaginations, cementing connections they become drawn into the image.

Pilnick was introduced into photography at a young age by his father, an engineer who travelled the world, specifically the Far East. This is palpable in his work with regular updates in the form of portraits from the Orient show his relationship with them is sentimental.

His work has received much adoration in the world of art and is being exhibited at the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 exhibition, at the National Portrait Gallery London.