Branislav Strugar – Experiment in Photography

Let’s try to split the definition of an experiment on two statements:

The first statement
Research method for testing different assumptions (hypotheses) by trial and error under conditions constructed and controlled by the researcher.

It seems to be that in Strugar’s photography assumptions, or errors, did not exist.
Everything is made by the photographers eye that extent, composes, waiting…
The camera is here only to to record, faster then drawings.

Full control of photographers – research in carefully selected conditions.

Patience – perhaps the most important feature in the photo creations…

The second statement

During the experiment, one or more conditions (called independent variables) are allowed to change in an organized manner and the effects of these changes on associated conditions (called dependent variables) is measured, recorded, validated, and analyzed for arriving at a conclusion.

Variables were selected carefully, with a measure, but so freely and passionately.
The effects of these changes are reflected in his photographs, sinking into the soul, bring to the light, hides in the darkness…

Omnipresence where the life breaks.
Each of us makes conclusions of its own.

The artist is only offered hundreds of different endings of the same story.
Which one we will choose?